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Income Tax Filing in India is Simple with comfunda’s E-filing Solutions

Income Tax Filing (e-filing)

Why resort to E-filing of my Income Tax Returns? 

Income Tax Filing seems like a tiring job! Finish this burdensome chore at the earliest so that you do not get into the desperate last minute mode and make a mess of your income tax return.

You also end up saving a lot of time and hassle, as now you wouldn’t have to join the queue at your local post office nor go through the tiring exercise of tracking it.

There is  a little spot of bother here.

Income Tax E-filing has been notified to be mandatory for salaried taxpayers earning more than Rs 5 Lakh taxable income.  

Hence, if you fall in the Rs 5-10 Lakh tax slab, you will have to compulsorily file your income tax returns online.

It is well-documented that with e-filing, the entire process of granting refunds becomes easier for the government to carry out as all transactions get stored in a central database.

This way revenue allocation also becomes more effective and transparent as does the development of the nation.

Income Tax Filing: How do I go about it?

  1. All you have to do is fill a simple form on the website and give us some essential information of your type of income/salary.
  2. We will prepare an authorization letter which you need to sign.
  3. From thereon, we will submit your duly filled-in application to the Income Tax Department online and upon successful application, will mail you the ITR-Verification acknowledgment form to your registered email address.
  4. We will also make sure that your attested ITR acknowledgment form is sent to the Income Tax Department by post and you receive acknowledgment for the same.
  5. We guarantee that your application will be successful

Not filing your tax returns in time attracts a penalty of Rs 5,000 and thus in order to ensure a smooth running of your business affairs, you should file it without delay.

Income Tax Filing: Benefits of filing one on time

  • Your record of timely filing tax returns is viewed positively and this may prove to be advantageous for you in the future. For example, your tax history is always considered when you avail loans from banks, apply for VISA etc as they prove that you have a valid source of income.

  • Last but certainly not the least, they testify you being an honest, upright and dutiful citizen of the country who is doing his bit for the country’s progress .

Income Tax Filing, when done on time, is a win-win situation for both!

See the official website Government of India website here.

You can fill up the simple form on this page to learn more about Income Tax Filing!

Our team will send you an email instantly and follow that up with a 1-to-1 call, if required.