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Trademark Registration

Lowest Cost India Trademark Registration Guarantee

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Trademark Registration India services provided by Company Fundamentals are guaranteed to match the best in the industry and guaranteed to be lowest cost Trademark Registration services in India. We guarantee the that we provide the best quality of the work and employ highly trained and Experienced Attorneys, Paralegals and consultants to handle your Application for Trademark Registration. We are retained by more than 1000 clients in 20 countries of the world and we have obtained hundreds of Trademark Registration certificates for our clients.

To protect your trade name or brand name or Logo you have to file an application for trade mark registration. You can start using the TM mark in the top right hand corner of your trade mark as soon as the application for Trademark Registration is filed.

However, the R within a circle mark ® can be used only after the trademark is registered.

Before filing an application for trademark registration, a search of the existing trademarks should be done to identify any similar trademark already filed. If there are similar trademarks already filed, the Trade Mark registry will not approve your application. Hence it is important to search all the existing trademarks filed with and available in the trademark database of the Trade Marks Registry. Once a positive Trade Mark search report is obtained, you may apply for your trademark registration.


  1. Power of Attorney (We will prepare and send it to you for your signatures)
  2. Trademark (LOGO OR WORD) (as intended to be used) to be registered.
  3. Name, age, Father’s name, address, nationality, contact numbers of the applicant.
  4. Name, age, Father’s name, address, nationality, contact numbers of the authorized signatory (in case of a corporate).
  5. If the applicant is a partnership firm, Name, address, nationality, contact numbers of all the partners must be given.
  6. Description of good or services and whether the mark is already in use or proposed to be used.

Our charges are for the trademark application and process for trademark registration does not include any third party opposition to your trademark application. Please note that our fee is for one trade mark in one Trademark classification only. We have to file separate Trademark application for goods and services falling in different Trademark classification.

Total fees is payable to us in advance.

Trademark Registration Procedure – Trademark Registration Process and Expected Schedule

Our Fees cover actions listed below until the trademark application is advertised.

  1. We will receive within the next 3 days your trademark application number allotted to your trademark application. We will scan it and send it to you along with the link where you can see the status of the progress in your case. Your trademark application is likely to be updated to the database within one month and then you can follow online the progress in your case.
  2. Expect three to six months to pass before the office takes up your application for trademark registration for an initial review and then they will send an Examination Report for Trademark Registration within the first six to nine months of filing. This is routinely done and objections are routinely raised routinely.
  3. We will file a response to office action and ask for a personal oral hearing before the Registrar of Trademarks within one month of the office action on your application for Trademark Registration.
  4. Expect another nine months to fifteen months to pass before the oral hearing opportunity is scheduled by the Trademark office. When we present our arguments the Registrar of Trade Marks will direct the application for Trademark Registration to be amended or require some other proof provided before he directs the application for Trademark Registration to be advertised in the Trade Marks Office Journal for public notice and possible Trademark opposition.
  5. The trademark application is likely to be advertised in Months 21+. A period of 4 months is available to third parties to oppose your application for Trademark Registration.
  6. If No Trademark opposition is filed the trademark application will be automatically granted and the certificate of Trademark Registration will be sent to us in Months 30 to 36 by the office.
  7. If trademark opposition is filed the application for trademark registration is converted in to a Trademark opposition case and it is treated as a contested case and separate procedures and separate charges apply. Fee is charged for the Trademark Oppositions are significant since about 100 Attorney hours are needed to handle an Trademark opposition.

So until the end of 24 months from now you are not going to have any trademark opposition from any one.

The moment an application for trademark registration is filed you can put TM on the top right hand corner of your mark and market your goods. TM in India signifies that you have applied for the trademark registration and the same is under consideration of the Trademarks Office.

Trademark Registration Status – You can learn the status of your Trademark Application filed in India for Trademark Registration by viewing the Trademark Registration Status page of the IPIndia website at this page: View you Application for Trademark Registration Status Details

India Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration in India Services are provided at very low cost by Company Fundamentals. We offer very comprehensive Trademark Registration in India Services. We cover all the needs of our clients beginning from Trademark Registration Search, Filing of Application for Trademark Registration, Trademark oppositions and Appeals. We also provide Trademark Enforcement services. We provide Comprehensive India Trademark Search facility where we conduct a search in the India Trademark Registry covering India Trademark Database that includes all Registered Trademarks already issued with certificates of Trademark Registration and Pending Applications for Trademark Registration whether they are published in the official journal or unpublished. This low cost paid comprehensive India Trademark Search is conducted in the database of trademarks and service marks that are registered and advertised before acceptance in the Trade mark Journal published by the Trade Mark Registry. Please see our India Trade Mark classification page to know to which class your goods or services may belong to. We provide India Trademark Registration services and we have experienced India Trademark Attorneys in our panel of consultants. Please see the requirements, time taken, cost and other details below. Our Low-Cost India Trademark Watch service enables you to utilize our service wherein we watch for any mark conflicting with your trademarks advertised in the India Trademark Journal of India and notify you in time so you can file Trademark Opposition to such marks. We also notify you for your Trade Mark Renewal. In addition we also conduct Trade Mark Enforcement actions and assist to prevent Trade Mark Infringement of your trademarks in India.

It would be very difficult for anyone who is not aware of the case law on the subject matter of Trademark Registration to do Trademark Search. Each Trademark Search takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour for us. Remember having a positive Trademark Search Report enables you to take decide in a comfortable and confident way whether your application for Trademark Registration is likely to succeed or be objected to by the office or be opposed by others. While there cannot be a guarantee that the Trademark Examiner would not object on one ground or another or a competitor would not file a Trademark Opposition against your application for Trademark Registration, it would certainly enable you to predict whether in such event of contest, you are likely to win or not. This can also enable you to avoid or defend successfully any Trademark Infringement suit.

International Trademark Registration Services:
Company Fundamentals provide International Trademark registration services for its clients in US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, UK, European Community, China, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia and Japan and other countries. We have associate law firms in about 60 countries of the world and we can ensure that your get international trademark Registration in many countries of the world. For specific needs please contact us.