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Trademark Class

Trademark Class

According to the NICE classification for a trademark, also known as the International Certification of Goods and Services, trademarks are divided into 45 separate classes. Each class of trademarks designates a certain group of products and services.

To prevent inconsistencies, a trademark search must be conducted prior to filing a trademark registration application. Selecting the incorrect trademark class might impede the registration process, thus it is crucial to get it right.

If a business’s activities entail a variety of items or services that fall under numerous trademark classifications, trademark applications may be submitted in more than one class. Furthermore, even if a mark is already registered under one class, a different organization may nevertheless submit a trademark registration for the same mark under a different class.

Therefore, submitting a trademark application under one class does not grant total exclusivity for the use of the mark. A trademark only grants exclusivity for use of the mark in connection with the category of goods or services for which it is registered. To choose the appropriate trademark class among more than 80,000 products and services, use the trademark class discovery tool.

34 classes fall under the “Goods” category, and 11 classes are under the “Service” category of the 45 classes listed below.

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    Basis of Trademark Classification

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