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Trademark Class 13

Trademark Class 13 Fireworks and Firearms

A thorough explanation of Class 13 under the Trademark Filing Classification. Each class that must be used to apply for or register a trademark corresponds to a certain type of products or services. The products that fall under Class 13 of trademark classification are fully covered in this section.

Trademark Class 13

Trademark Class 13 pertains to firearms; ammunition and projectiles; explosives; fireworks.

The Following Goods Are Also Classified Under Class 13

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    Comprehensive List of Goods Classified Under Trademark Class 13

    • acetyl-nitrocellulose
    • air pistols [weapons]
    • ammonium nitrate explosives / nitrate of ammonia explosives
    • ammunition
    • ammunition for firearms
    • artillery guns [cannons]
    • ballistic weapons / ballistic missiles
    • belts adapted for ammunition
    • Bengal lights
    • breeches of firearms
    • cannons
    • cartridge cases
    • cartridge loading apparatus
    • cartridge pouches
    • cartridges
    • cleaning brushes for firearms
    • detonating plugs
    • detonating fuses for explosives / firing lanyards for explosives
    • detonating caps other than toys / percussion caps other than toys
    • detonators
    • dynamite
    • explosive cartridges
    • explosive powders
    • explosives
    • apparatus for filling cartridge belts
    • automatic firearm ammunition belts
    • firearms
    • firecrackers
    • fireworks
    • firing platforms
    • flare pistols
    • fog signals, explosive
    • fuses for explosives, for use in mines
    • fuses for explosives
    • gun carriages [artillery]
    • guncotton / pyroxylin
    • gunpowder
    • guns [weapons]
    • machine guns
    • gunstocks / gun stocks
    • hammers for guns and rifles / hammers for guns / hammers for rifles
    • hand grenades
    • harpoon guns [weapons]
    • hunting firearms / sporting firearms
    • lead shot for hunting
    • mines [explosives]
    • mortars [firearms]
    • motorized weapons
    • noise-suppressors for guns
    • pistols [arms]
    • powder horns
    • primings [fuses]
    • projectiles [weapons]
    • pyrophoric substances
    • pyrotechnic products
    • revolvers
    • rifle barrels / gun barrels
    • rifle cases / gun cases
    • rifles / carbines
    • rocket launchers
    • rockets [projectiles]
    • shells [projectiles]
    • shoulder straps for weapons / bandoliers for weapons
    • side arms [firearms]
    • sighting mirrors for guns and rifles / sighting mirrors for guns / sighting mirrors for rifles
    • sights, other than telescopic sights, for firearms
    • sights, other than telescopic sights, for artillery
    • signal rockets
    • sprays for personal defense purposes / sprays for personal defence purposes
    • tanks [weapons]
    • tear-gas weapons / tear gas weapons
    • torpedoes
    • trigger guards for guns and rifles / trigger guards for rifles
    • trunnions for heavy weapons

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