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Trademark Class 18

Trademark Class 18 Leather and Leather Imitations

A thorough explanation of Class 18 under the Trademark Filing Classification. Each class that must be used to apply for or register a trademark corresponds to a certain type of products or services. We discuss all of the products that are included under Class 18 of trademarks in this page.

Trademark Class 18

Trademark Class 18 includes goods made of leather and leather imitations that are not covered in other classes, as well as animal skins and hides, trunks and travel bags, umbrellas and parasols, walking sticks, whips, harness, and saddlery.

Leather, leather imitations, travel items not covered by other classes, and saddlery are the principal items under trademark class 18.

The Following Goods Are Also Classified Under Class 18

  • Motors and engines for land vehicles;
  • Couplings and transmission components for land vehicles;
  • Air cushion vehicles.
Therefore, Trademark Class 12 includes mainly all types of vehicles and of all categories (Land, Air and Water).

The Following Goods must NOT Be Classified Under Class 18

  • Certain special vehicles not for transportation purposes;
  • Certain parts of vehicles;
  • Railway material of metal;
  • Motors, engines, couplings and transmission components other than for land vehicles;
  • Parts of motors and engines.

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    Comprehensive List of Goods Classified Under Trademark Class 18

    The Following Goods Must Be Classified Under Trademark Class 18

    • animal skins / pelts
    • attaché cases
    • bags for climbers
    • bags for campers
    • bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging / envelopes, of leather, for packaging / pouches, of leather, for packaging
    • bags for sports
    • bags
    • beach bags
    • bits for animals [harness]
    • blinkers [harness] / blinders [harness]
    • boxes of leather or leather board
    • boxes of vulcanised fibre
    • bridles [harness]
    • bridoons
    • briefcases
    • business card cases
    • butts [parts of hides]
    • canes / walking sticks
    • card cases [notecases]
    • cases, of leather or leatherboard
    • casings, of leather, for springs / casings, of leather, for plate springs
    • cat o’ nine tails
    • cattle skins
    • chain mesh purses
    • chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes / skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes
    • chin straps, of leather
    • collars for animals
    • covers for animals / clothing for pets
    • covers for horse-saddles / saddle cloths for horses
    • credit card cases [wallets]
    • curried skins
    • fastenings for saddles
    • frames for umbrellas or parasols
    • fur / fur-skins
    • furniture coverings of leather
    • game bags [hunting accessories]
    • garment bags for travel
    • girths of leather
    • goldbeaters’ skin
    • gut for making sausages
    • halters / head-stalls
    • handbag frames
    • handbags
    • harness straps / harness traces
    • harness for animals
    • harness fittings
    • hat boxes of leather
    • haversacks
    • horse collars
    • horse blankets
    • horseshoes
    • imitation leather
    • key cases
    • kid
    • knee-pads for horses
    • leather leashes / leather leads
    • leather laces
    • leather straps / leather thongs
    • leather, unworked or semi-worked
    • leather twist / leather thread
    • leatherboard
    • moleskin [imitation of leather]
    • mountaineering sticks / alpenstocks
    • music cases
    • muzzles
    • net bags for shopping
    • nose bags [feed bags]
    • pads for horse saddles
    • parasols
    • pocket wallets
    • pouch baby carriers
    • purses
    • reins
    • riding saddles
    • rucksacks / backpacks
    • saddle trees
    • saddlery
    • school bags / school satchels
    • shopping bags
    • shoulder belts [straps] of leather / bandoliers / leather shoulder belts / leather shoulder straps
    • sling bags for carrying infants
    • slings for carrying infants
    • stirrup leathers
    • parts of rubber for stirrups
    • stirrups
    • straps for soldiers’ equipment
    • straps of leather [saddlery]
    • straps for skates
    • suitcase handles
    • suitcases
    • tool bags of leather, empty
    • traces [harness]
    • travelling trunks
    • travelling bags
    • travelling sets [leatherware]
    • trimmings of leather for furniture / leather trimmings for furniture
    • trunks [luggage]
    • umbrella rings
    • umbrella or parasol ribs
    • umbrella sticks
    • umbrella covers
    • umbrella handles
    • umbrellas
    • valises
    • valves of leather
    • vanity cases, not fitted
    • walking stick seats
    • walking stick handles / walking cane handles
    • wheeled shopping bags
    • whips

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