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Trademark Class 34

Trademark Class 34 Tobacco and Smoking Products

A thorough explanation of Class 34 under the Trademark Filing Classification. Each class that must be used to apply for or register a trademark corresponds to a certain type of products or services. We discuss all of the products that are included under Class 34 of trademarks in this page.

Trademark Class 30

Trademark Class 34 pertains to tobacco, smokers’ articles and matches.

The Following Goods Are Also Classified Under Class 30

  • Tobacco substitutes (not for medical purposes)

The Following Goods must NOT Be Classified Under Class 30

  • Cigarettes without tobacco, for medical purposes.

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    Comprehensive List of Goods Classified Under Trademark Class 34

    The Following Goods Must Be Classified Under Trademark Class 34

    • absorbent paper for tobacco pipes
    • ashtrays for smokers
    • books of cigarette papers
    • chewing tobacco
    • cigar cutters
    • cigar cases
    • cigar holders
    • cigarette tips
    • cigarette filters
    • cigarette cases
    • cigarette holders
    • cigarette paper
    • cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes
    • cigarettes
    • cigarillos
    • cigars
    • electronic cigarettes
    • firestones
    • flavourings, other than essential oils, for tobacco / flavorings, other than essential oils, for tobacco
    • flavourings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes / flavorings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes
    • gas containers for cigar lighters
    • herbs for smoking*
    • humidors
    • lighters for smokers
    • liquid nicotine solutions for use in electronic cigarettes
    • match holders
    • matchboxes
    • matches
    • mouthpieces for cigarette holders
    • oral vaporizers for smokers
    • pipe cleaners for tobacco pipes
    • pipe racks for tobacco pipes
    • snuff
    • snuff boxes
    • spittoons for tobacco users
    • tips of yellow amber for cigar and cigarette holders
    • tobacco
    • tobacco pouches
    • tobacco pipes
    • tobacco jars

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